When Sandy starts up the smoker or the grill, we never know what is coming out, but you can be sure it will be deeelicious. At any given time there is usually a combination of pulled pork, pulled chicken, smoked turkey and ham while it lasts.

In addition to the “regulars,” Sandy will do some special meats on different days.  

Now, if it’s Friday it’s Tri-tip Day. That’s when you will see Sandy, in his cowboy hat, fire up the “Big Rig” with oak wood and set to work on slow-cooking mouth-watering, Santa Maria Style Tri-tip.

Wednesdays and Saturdays usually finds Sandy adding St. Louis style ribs and Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs to the smoker.



Bottom line, best to just check the daily specials on Facebook or give us a call at the Cafe at (541) 307-0225 to see what else is cooking.  Whatever it is, it is going to be very tasty, you can count on that!

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